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Kids Chiropractic Care

The nervous system of a child is in control of regulating every other system in the body. It regulates blood flow along with bone growth, brain function and overall plays a key role in making sure the growing body is healthy and running efficiently. Stress and the alignment of the spine also plays a crucial role in the health of a child as it can affect development. Thomson Chiropractic Care offers chiropractic care centered around using gentle therapy to correct issues before the child fully develops in order to ensure a healthy childhood without pain.


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It can be hard to grasp the benefits of a child under chiropractic care. Generally, children are not complaining about recurring pain and a child’s body allows faster healing from injuries. In truth, each child is put through a lot of stress while they are developing and an important aspect of healthy development is maintenance.

During the birthing process, it is common for stress and trauma to occur in the spine. During both a natural birth and a Cesarean birth it is easy for a child's spine to become improperly aligned due to the amount of pressure involved during birth. If this happens, a baby’s only means of communication is crying, therefore the misaligned spine and pain associated with it go unnoticed. Childhood also comes with awkward sleeping positions and sometimes a small tumble. The toddler stage is filled with twists and falls as they learn how to walk. At this stage, children are very resilient and are capable of taking falls but it is also a possibility that some of the injuries can cause a certain movement pattern resulting in bones becoming misaligned as time goes by.

Some kids also demonstrate bad posture while they are watching TV or sitting at a desk which leads to unnecessary pressure on the spine. Sports and even how a child wears a heavy backpack have effects on the spine. Additionally, physical labor comes into play as the children turn into teenagers. This added stress can also lead to a negative spinal impact.

As shown, a child is faced with many different situations that can potentially misalign their spine. A spine that is out of alignment is a serious issue as an aligned spine allows for a healthy nervous system and ensures pain-free development.


It can be very difficult to tell if a child’s spine is misaligned as there might not be any pain for the child to notice and become aware of the issue. A child also might not understand their body enough to recognize a recurring issue and seek help. If a child is experiencing pain, the communication of that pain may not be clear or can result in a bad attitude and crying. The spine and issues with alignment can also be responsible for issues during the developmental stage.

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Children experience stress in their lives just as adults do. However, the way they adapt to that stress can have a much more serious impact on their overall health. Stress can directly affect their nervous system, which then challenges their immune system and can lead to improper growth and development. It’s important to be aware of the stressors that play such a large role in your child’s life.

  • Physical Stress: Physical Stress is commonly over-looked when judging the health of a child. However, OSHA estimates that a child sustains 1,500 spinal-related traumas before the age of 5.

  • Chemical Stress: Since the 1950s, the number of additives allowed in U.S. food has grown from 800 to over 10,000.

  • Emotional Stress: Brain stressors such as TV, iPads and many other electronic devices can over-stimulate your child’s nervous system.


The first step in the chiropractic care process for a child is the consultation. This consultation begins with a thorough examination with the goal of discovering and locating the source of the issue. With that information, a personalized plan will be created in order to treat the condition. A chiropractor is also capable of working with children that are not able to communicate pain or are too shy to do so. The method of treatment typically consists of gentle adjustments to the spine. It is common for children to fall asleep after a treatment as they are much more relaxed. Please call us at Thomson Chiropractic Care if you have any questions about your children’s health.

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