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Carpal Tunnel

carpal tunnel chiropractic center august

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful condition that happens when the median nerve in your wrist is compressed by swelling, often due to an underlying medical condition. It is one of the most common conditions affecting the wrist and hand. Traditionally there were few options to deal with this problem and those available, such as surgery and medication, are invasive and expensive. Chiropractors use less aggressive and more affordable methods to treat carpal tunnel syndrome.


Feelings of pain, tingling and burning originating in the palm of the hand and moving towards the tips of the fingers are generally signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Although swelling is sometimes present, oftentimes patients have the impression that swelling is happening when it's not. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is accompanied by loss of strength in the hand and the struggle of handling small objects. The daily routine of a person with this condition is affected greatly and due to the fact that the continuous median nerve compression can cause immobility of the hand, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome should be treated.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is usually accompanied by sensations of burning, pain, tingling, or swelling in the palm of the hands and extending into the first four fingers and the thumb. Occasionally people also report a feeling of swelling in the hand even when no swelling is present. Patients commonly experience weakness in the affected hand and have difficulty with picking up small objects. This condition can have a major impact on a person's lifestyle and in some sever cases, if left untreated; the damage to the median nerve can cause permanent loss of movement in the hand.


Traditionally, Carpal Tunnel treatment has been limited to decompression surgeries, physiotherapy and prescription medicines. These things may only provide short-term relief and at times may prove to be completely ineffective. When left untreated, or when unsuccessfully treated, people are forced to adapt their lifestyles to accommodate this debilitating issue. Chiropractors will assess the alignment of your spine to ensure the nerve pathways supplying the arm are free from interference.  The alignment of the carpal bones themselves will also be evaluated.  If they are found to be out of their proper position, we will gently adjust the misalignment to help restore proper biomechanics to the wrist.  This can slo be crucial to alleviating irritating pressure to the median nerve.  If you are noticing any signs of carpal tunnel syndrome do not hesitate to call Thomson Chiropractic Center today for a consultation.

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